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Lions Gate Hospital

Hospital at 231 15th St E, North Vancouver, BC V7L 2L7, Canada, North Vancouver, British Columbia, V7L 2L7 . Here you will find detailed information about Lions Gate Hospital: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.

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British Columbia
231 15th St E, North Vancouver, BC V7L 2L7, Canada, North Vancouver, British Columbia, V7L 2L7
North Vancouver
V7L 2L7

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About Lions Gate Hospital

Lions Gate Hospital is a Canadian Hospital based in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Lions Gate Hospital is located at 231 15th St E, North Vancouver, BC V7L 2L7, Canada,

Please contact Lions Gate Hospital using information below: Address, Phone number, Fax, Postal code, Website address, E-mail, Facebook. Find Lions Gate Hospital opening hours and driving directions or map. Find real customer reviews and ratings or write your own review.

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Reviews of Lions Gate Hospital

  • mitchelle monteith
    Added 2019.11.27
    i had good and compasionate care Dr MONKOVICH was great. the food was bad I am a diabetic was given too much sugary stuff
  • Evan
    Added 2016.07.09
    Surly, one of the best public hospitals, I have visited. My 5 stars to all the staff and volunteers and doctors. I am very satisfied and know that this hospital does provide a quality care. Thanks LGH, keep it up.
  • Charles
    Added 2015.01.24
    I stayed on the 6th floor North wing for a week. The biggest issue was the conflicting information I was given about my health and the total lack of information even after it was recorded. Most staff were very unhappy and showed it by not wanting to do their jobs. The showers and floors were not cleaned all week even after being deficated on a nurse just used my towel to wipe it up and one of the nurses was complaining and acting out about the issue on the floor. At no time was I treated like a patient in dire straights, it was all about them! No care or concern whatsoever. The shower grew over the week with black hair and people's dirty underwear and gowns on the floor. Never to be cleaned. When I complained they put a purple plack on my door to indicate that I was a difficult patient. One nice nurse told me that's what they do if you complain. The most scary nurse is a tall blonde who wears her hair in a high pony tail like that scary broad in Wentworth prison movie, she also wears a vest and she is downright mean and nasty and she lets you know as soon as she starts her shift that she is the boss and you better not make her mad or bother her unecessarily. Are good nurses so hard to find or is the union running our hospital? I'm told by others that it's only that wing that is so horrible . With North Van being the most expensive place to live in Canada you would expect we would have the best health care but 6th floor North wing was like a third world country. It was the worst experience of my life and I'm afraid of having to go back there. I checked myself out opting to wait for surgery at home and even checking out I had to make the lazy nurse go back to the desk to retrieve critical information I needed including, CT date, surgeon name and prescriptions. She actually argued with me that there was no surgeon because she didn't want to walk back! This same nurse argued that the red vomit wasn't blood and I hadn't had good in a week! I understood later that it is mandatory to record vommitted blood and so I can only guess she just didn't want to do her job and record it. It was easier to just blow me off and say it's not blood. Clearly it was proven to be blood when after numerous times of forcing her to do her job an emergency scope had to be done. I had a rip in my aspgophgous from all the vomitting and got conflicting stories about the severity of that as well.
  • Antonio
    Added 2013.12.15
    Waited 15 months for life saving airway being cut off by grossly enlarged left thyroid. My heart was also being pressured by this. Once in care the professionals were awesome: surgery, support, and after surgery care second to none. Airway went back into place, blood pressure and heart rate dropped back to normal. Having to wait 15 months for surgery was and remains a concern.
  • Jason
    Added 2013.12.15
    I have only ever experienced rude attitude from all the staff during my visits.
  • Chase
    Added 2013.05.10
    Great hospital. The staff are friendly and despite being overworked they provide excellent care.
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